28 August 2013 to 3 September 2013
CNS Wako Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Scientific Programme

Baha Balantekin (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US)
"Neutrinos, nuclear astrophysics, and exotic nuclei"

Peter Egelhof (GSI, Germany)
"Nuclear Physics with Radioactive Beams at Storage Rings and with Active Targets"

Navin Alahari (GANIL, France)
"Old Wine in a new Bottle : Reactions with exotic beams at energies around the Coulomb barrier"

Reprecht Machleidt (University of Idaho, US)
"Nuclear forces"

Shoji Asai (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
"Higgs and SUSY"

Silvio Cherubini (INFN LNS, Italy)
"Quasi-free reaction mechanisms as a tool for studying nuclear processes of interest for astrophysics: Trojan Horse Method and Virtual Neutron Method"

Atsushi Tamii (RCNP, Japan)
"Electric dipole resonance, neutron skin and symmetry energy"

Yutaka Utsuno (JAEA / CNS, Japan)
"Large-scale shell-model calculations for exotic nuclei"

Pieter Doornenbal (RNC, Japan)
"In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of fast RI beams"