24-30 August 2016
Wako campus CNS
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Lecture notes are available on the Timetable

Scientific Programme

Prof. Martin Freer(Birmingham, UK)
"Clustering in Nuclei"

Prof. Ulli Koester (Grenoble, FR)
"Production and applications of radioactive isotopes and beams"

Prof. Yong-Zhong Qian (Minnesota, USA)
"Overview of stellar evolution & nucleosynthesis"
"Neutrinos & big bang nucleosynthesis"
"Neutrinos & supernova nucleosynthesis"
"Neutrinos in the cosmos: A Nobel perspective"

Prof. Masayuki Yamagami (Aizu)
"Shape and independent-particle motion in nuclei; the basic ideas from microscopic collective models"

Dr. Kenta Itahashi (RIKEN)
"Mesic atoms and mesic nuclei -- physics of meson-nuclear bound systems --"

Dr. Daisuke Suzuki (RIKEN)
"Overview of the RI Beam Facility (RIBF)"
"Missing mass spectroscopy with radioactive isotope beam"

Dr. Kotaro Kyutoku(iTHES, RIKEN)
"Gravitational-wave astronomy and prospects of its application to nuclear physics"

Prof. Yasuhiro Sakemi (CNS)
"CP violation in elementary particles and composite systems"