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from 05 April 2017 to 05 December 2017
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(A) Experimental Nuclear Physics: Low and Intermediate Energies
(B) Experimental Nuclear Physics: ALICE Experiment at LHC-CERN
(C) Accelerator and Instrumentation
(D) Theoretical Nuclear Physics
(E) Other Activities
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0   Low mass dielectron measurements with ALICE at the LHC Dr. GUNJI, Taku   B  
1   ALICE TPC upgrade activities in FYI 2016 Dr. GUNJI, Taku   B  
2   Measurement of giant monopole resonance in $^{132}$Sn using CAT Dr. OTA, Shinsuke   A Paper
3   Construction of OEDO beamline Dr. MICHIMASA, Shin'ichiro   C  
4   Optical model potentials for 6He + 64Zn from 63Cu(7Li,6He)64Zn reaction analysis Dr. YANG, Lei   A Paper
5   Searching for the experimental evidence of alpha-cluster structure in 22Mg CHAE, K.Y.   A Paper
6   Experimental investigation of a linear-chain structure in the nucleus 14C Dr. YAMAGUCHI, Hidetoshi   A Paper
7   A Tracking Method Using Global Fitting in CAT Mr. LEE, CheongSoo   C Paper
8   Measurement of neutral mesons in pp collisions at √s = 5.02 TeV via photon conversion method with ALICE Ms. MURAKAMI, Hikari   B  
9   Development of new active target CAT-M Dr. OTA, Shinsuke   C Paper
10   Search for double Gamow-Teller Giant Resonance in 48Ti via the (12C,12Be\gamma) reaction Mr. TAKAKI, Motonobu   A Paper
11   Momentum dependence of production ratio of high-spin isomer beam by nuclear fragmentation reaction Mr. KAWATA, keita   A  
12   $J/¥psi$ production in p-Pb collisions at $¥sqrt{s_{¥rm{NN}}}=5.02$ TeV Dr. HAYASHI, ShinIchi   B  
13   Performance evaluation of a Dual Gain Multi-layer Thick GEM for CAT-M Dr. IWAMOTO, Chihiro   C Paper
14   Two particle correlations in ¥it{p}-Pb collisions at ¥sqrt{s_{NN}}=5.02TeV Ms. SEKIGUCHI, yuko   B  
15   Isobaric analog resonances of 35Si via the 34Si(p,p) reaction Mr. KITAMURA, Noritaka   A  
16   Charmed baryon measurements with ALICE at the LHC Dr. YOSUKE, Watanabe   B Paper
17   Recent progress in the calculation of exotic nuclei based on nuclear force Dr. TSUNODA, Naofumi   D  
18   Shell-model study on double Gamow-Teller transition and neutrinoless double beta decay Dr. SHIMIZU, Noritaka   D Paper
19   Cross sections of $^{nat}$Yb(a,X)$^{172,175}$Hf reactions Prof. IMAI, Nobuaki   A  
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