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03 August 2012
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We would like to publish CNS Annual Report 2010 and we encourage you to have a contribution to CNS Annual report 2010. 

Please read the following guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, please send an email to us. 


Jun 28Call for Abstract (Title and Authors)
Jul 13Deadline of Abstract submission (Title only) and End-of-Book List
Aug 3Deadline of Manuscript submission
End of AugReferee comments
Mid of SepDeadline of Final-Manuscript submission

Abstract submission

Please fill the form at Submit a new abstract. You need to have an account in CNS Indico system to submit an abstract. Please create if you don't have any account. Deadline for the submission is Jul. 13 (Fri.), 2012.


Please write a manuscript with the content of academic activities and results at period on March, 2012 from April, 2011 in English. One manuscript is assumed to be the volume of 2 pages. Please read the instruction on writing and make the manuscript. Please cooperate in the contribution with LaTeX. Please use the style file for CNS Annual Report. Please do not do a needless change and setting such as "Textwidth" in preamble. Please submit your manuscript (PDF) using cns-indico page for the Annual Report 2011. Instruction will be available in July. Deadline for the submission is Aug. 3 (Fri.), 2012. STYLE FILE : cnsrep2c.sty SAMPLE FILE(tgz) : tgz file

End of Book List

Please send the "Publication List" and "Talks and Presentations" for the period on March, 2012 from April, 2011 by e-mail according to the following classification. Deadline for the submission : Jul 13, 2011
  • Symposia, Workshops, and PAC
    Please inform of the conference name, time, the place, and the outline in English. Please send it with the file of LaTeX or Word to understand special characters, superscript and subscripts.
  • Publication List
    The one that corresponds as follows of publication for period on March, 2011 from April, 2010 Please submit it according to the designated form after making the list.
    • Original Papers
    • Proceedings
    • Theses
    • Other Publications
  • Talks and Presentations
    Please inform of the title of your presentation, the conference name, time, the place, a nd the kind of Contribution (invited/oral/poster etc.). Please submit it according to the designated form after making the list.
    • Conferences
    • JPS Meetings
    • Lectures
    • Seminars

Dates: 03 August 2012 (08:00-18:00)
Chairs: Dr. Ota, Shinsuke
Material: Slides

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