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conference annual report 2010   Monday 13 June 2011
from 08:00 to 18:00
files Paper pdf file;  files Paper_feb10_2012 pdf file;  files Paper_feb15_2012 pdf file 

Monday 13 June 2011 toptop

08:00->09:05    1a: Experimental Nuclear Physics: Low and Intermediate Energies
08:00  a01:Excitation functions of 7Be+alpha elastic and inelastic scattering cross sections (05') (files Paper  ) Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS)
08:05  a02:Direct measurement of the 18Ne(a, p)21Na reaction (05') (files Paper  ) Takashi Hashimoto (RCNP)
08:10  a03:Direct Measurement of the Breakout Reaction $^{11}$C$(\alpha,p)^{14}$N in Explosive Hydrogen-Burning Process (05') Seiya Hayakawa (CNS)
08:15  a04:First Measurement of 30S + alpha with CRIB (05') David Kahl (CNS)
08:20  a05:High-spin level structure in $^{35}$S (05') (files Paper  ) Eiji Ideguchi (CNS)
08:25  a06:Spectroscopic study of 9He via the double charge exchange (18O,18Ne) reaction (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Hiroaki Matsubara
08:30  a07:Identification of the Isovector Spin Monopole Resonance of the beta+ type via the 208Pb,90Zr(t,3He) Reactions at 300MeV/u (05') Kenjiro Miki (RCNP)
08:35  a08:Measurement of the 90Zr(12N, 12C)90Nb reaction at 200MeV/nucleon (05') (files Paper pdf file  ) Shumpei Noji (CNS)
08:40  a09:The super-allowed Fermi type charge exchange reaction to study the isovector non-spin-flip monopole resonance (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Yoshiko Sasamoto (CNS)
08:45  a10:Proton spin-orbit splitting in 18O studied by the (pol p, 2p) reaction at 200 MeV (05') (files Final;   files Paper pdf file  ) Shoichiro Kawase (CNS)
08:50  a11:Development of heavy-ion detection at GRAND RAIDEN spectrometer for the (^18O,^18Ne) reaction (05') (files Paper  ) Takaki (CNS)

09:05->10:10    1b:Experimental Nuclear Physics: PHENIX Experiment at BNL-RHIC and ALICE Experiment at CERN-LHC
09:05  b01:First Results of Pb+Pb collisons at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 2.76 TeV from LHC-ALICE (05') (files Paper pdf file  ) Taku Gunji (CNS)
09:10  b02:Measurement of multi-strangeness particles in $\sqrt{s}=7~$TeV p+p collisions at LHC-ALICE (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Satoshi Sano (CNS)
09:15  b03:Study of nuclear effects on low p_{T} direct photon production in $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200~$GeV d+Au collisions at RHIC (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final draft  ) Yorito Yamaguch (CNS)
09:20  b04:Measurement of Neutral Pion with Respect to the Azimuthal Angle in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$~GeV (05') (files final draft  ) Yoki Aramaki (RIKEN)
09:25  b05:Operation and Performance of the Silicon Pixel Detector for the PHENIX Vertex Tracker (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final draft  ) Rhoji Akimoto (CNS)
09:30  b06:Study of TPC ExB distortion at LHC-ALICE experiment (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Yasuto Hori (CNS)
09:35  b07:Simulation study of the Forward Calorimeter for LHC-ALICE (05') (files Paper  ) Tomoya Tsuji (CNS)
09:40  b08:ASIC development for ALICE FOCAL readout (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) ShinIchi Hayashi (CNS)
09:45  b09:Measurement of J/$\psi$ photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Au+Au collisions at $$\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200GeV using the PHENIX detector (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document;   files pictures;   files text  ) Akihisa Takahara (CNS)

10:05->11:40    2: Accelerator and Instrumentation
10:05  c01:SHARAQ project --- Progress in FY2010 --- (05') (files Final (tgz);   files Paper pdf file  ) ShinIchiro Mitimasa (CNS)
10:10  c02:Development of CVD diamond detector (05') (files Final(tgz);   files Paper pdf file  ) ShinIchiro Mitimasa (CNS)
10:15  c03:Focus tuning method of the high-resolution beam line for the SHARAQ spectrometer (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Yoshiko Sasamoto (CNS)
10:20  c04:Performance test of low-pressure multi-wire drift chambers for SHARAQ beamline with high-intensity proton beam at the Pelletron Accelerator at RIKEN (05') (files Paper pdf file  ) Shumpei Noji (CNS)
10:25  c05:Performance of Low-Pressure Multiwire Drift Chamber in High-Intensity Heavy-Ion beam (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Hiroyuki Miya (CNS)
10:30  c06:Development of two alpha detection system in SHARAQ spectrometer for measurement of ($^8$He, $^8$Be) reaction (05') (files Final(tgz);   files Paper pdf file  ) Keiichi Kisamori (CNS)
10:35  c07:CNS Active Target Development and Test Experiment at HIMAC (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)
10:40  c08:Performance of Gas Electron Multiplier with Deuteron Gas (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files final  ) Hiroshi Tokieda (CNS)
10:45  c09:Development of the new detector comprised with 30 thin plastics schintillators for the high rate RI beam (05') Yosuke Kikuchi (CNS)
10:50  c10:Development of position extraction for segmented Ge detectors by using pulse shape analysis (05') (files Paper  ) Shintaro Go (CNS)
10:55  c11:Development of a Readout System for the GEM-based X-ray Imaging Detector (05') (files Paper  ) Atsushi Nukariya (CNS)
11:00  c12:Development of Hyper ECR ion source with stable and High-intensity metallic ion beams (05') Yoshimitsu Ohshiro (CNS)
11:05  c13:Long-term operation of 14 GHz superconducting ECR ion source (05') Yoshimitsu Ohshiro (CNS)
11:10  c14: The high proton polarization at room temperature (05') Tomomi Kawahara

11:40->12:40    3: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
11:40  d01:Large scale shell-model calculations in CNS (05') (files Paper  ) Noritaka SHIMIZU (Univ. of Tokyo)
11:45  d02:Gamow-Teller strengths in Ni isotopes and electron capture reactions (05') (files Paper  ) Toshio Suzuki (Nihon Univ.)
11:50  d03:Symplectic structure and monopole strength in $^{12}$C (05') (files Paper  ) Tooru Yoshida (CNS)

12:40->13:40    4: Other Activities
12:40  e01:The 9th CNS-EFES Summer School (CNS-EFES10) (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)
12:45  e02:Laboratory Exercise for Undergraduate Students (05') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)

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