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21-22 June 2011 Center for Nuclear Study
The CRIB of the CNS of the University of Tokyo has been serving as a unique facility of low-energy RI beam primarily for nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest.  As its operation has been carried for ten years, it appears very appropriate to review CRIB's contribution to the development of physics and to examine future implications and possibilities of CRIB.  We are then going to hold the "Review Meeting on CRIB Activities" on June 21-22 at the CNS in Wako Campus at RIKEN.

 Organizing Committee:
H. Hamagaki (CNS), T. Otsuka (Tokyo/CNS), S. Shimoura (CNS, Chair), H. Yamaguchi (CNS; Secretary), T. Uesaka (RIKEN)

Dates: from 21 June 2011 10:00 to 22 June 2011 21:00
Location: Center for Nuclear Study
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, JAPAN
Room: 301

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