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conference annual report 2009   Friday 28 May 2010
from 08:00 to 18:00
chaired by: Taku Gunji (CNS)

Friday 28 May 2010 toptop

08:00->09:00    1a: Experimental Nuclear Physics: Low and Intermediate Energies
08:00  a01:Measurement of $\alpha$ resonance scattering on $^7$Be (01') (files Paper  ) Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS)
08:02  a02: R-matrix analysis on the excitation function of $^7$Li+$\alpha$ elastic scattering (01') (files Paper  ) Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS)
08:04  a03: Multichannel R-matrix analysis for an alpha scattering in inverse kinematics using a 21Na radioisotope beam (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Nguyen Binh Dam (CNS)
08:06  a04: First direct measurement of the $^{11}$C$(\alpha,p)^{14}$N stellar reaction (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files tar.gz  ) Seiya Hayakawa (CNS)
08:08  a05: Present status of the direct measurement of the $^{18}Ne($\alpha$~,p)$^{21}$Na reaction cross sections using the GEM -- MSTPC (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files taz  ) Takashi Hashimoto (CNS)
08:10  a06: 30S Beam Production and RI Beam Modeling at CRIB (01') (files Paper;   files tar.gz  ) David Kahl (CNS)
08:12  a07: Beta-decay measurement of 46Cr (01') (files Paper  ) Yasuo Wakabayashi (JAEA)
08:14  a08: Indirect measurement of astrophysical 12N(p,g)13O reaction (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Weiping Liu (China Institue of Atomic Energy) , Guo B. (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
08:16  a09: Test measurement of $^{17}$Ne+p resonance elastic scattering (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files text  ) Takashi Teranishi (Kyushu Univ.)
08:17  a10:Spectroscopy of 6Be by the 3He(7Be,\alpha)6Be reaction (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Rubens Lichtenthler Filho (University of Sao paulo)
08:18  a11:Elastic scattering for 60MeV 17F on 12C target (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Gaolong Zhang (School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University)
08:19  a12:Study of High-Spin States in $^{35}$S (01') (files Minutes;   files Paper  ) Eiji Ideguchi (CNS)
08:20  a13:Measurement of the Isovector Spin Monopole Resonance via the 208Pb,90Zr(t,3He) Reactions at 300MeV/u (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Kenjiro Miki (Univ. of Tokyo)
08:21  a14:The super-allowed Fermi type charge exchange reaction for studies of isovector non-spin-flip monopole resonance (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Yoshiko Sasamoto (CNS)

09:00->10:00    1b:Experimental Nuclear Physics: PHENIX Experiment at BNL-RHIC and ALICE Experiment at CERN-LHC
09:00  b01: Activities on the RHIC-PHENIX and LHC-ALICE experiments in the Year 2009 (01') (files PDF pdf file;   files TeX file  ) Hideki Hamagaki (CNS)
09:01  b02: Performance Report of the ALICE experiemnt in the first p+p collisions at LHC (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Taku Gunji (CNS)
09:02  b03:Measurement for charged particle multiplicity in \sqrt(s)=900~GeV and 7~TeV p+p collisions at LHC-ALICE (01') (files Paper  ) Satoshi Sano (CNS)
09:03  b04:Measurement of Low-mass Vector Mesons in RHIC-PHENIX (01') (files Paper;   files final version  ) Yuji Tsuchimoto (CNS)
09:04  b05:Direct virtual photon measurement in \sqrt{s_NN} = 200~GeV d+Au collisions at RHIC-PHENIX (01') (files Final draft;   files Paper pdf file  ) Yorito Yamaguchi (CNS)
09:05  b06:Azimuthal angular dependence of neutral pion production in $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$~GeV Au+Au collisions at PHENIX (01') (files FinalDraft;   files Paper pdf file  ) Yoki Aramaki (CNS)
09:06  b07: Measurement of J/\psi and high-mass e+e- pairs in Ultra-Peripheral \sqrt{S_{nn}} = 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at RHIC-PHENIX (01') (files Paper;   files document  ) Akihisa Takahara (CNS)

10:00->11:00    2: Accelerator and Instrumentation
10:00  c01:SHARAQ Project --- Progress in FY2009 --- (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Tomohiro Uesaka (CNS)
10:01  c02:Focal-Plane Detector System of SHARAQ Spectrometer (01') (files doc.tar.gz;   files manuscript(pdf) pdf file  ) Shinichiro Mitimasa (CNS)
10:02  c03: Focus tuning method of the high-resolution beam line for the SHARAQ spectrometer (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Yoshiko Sasamoto (CNS)
10:03  c04: Performance of Focal-Plane Tracking Detector CRDC for SHARAQ (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files Tar file  ) Hiroshi Tokieda (CNS)
10:04  c05: PACIFIC for data acquisition system of high-rate RI-beam experiments (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)
10:05  c06: Performance evaluation of Low-Pressure Multi-Wire Drift Chamber for RI Beam (01') (files Paper;   files document pdf file  ) Hiroyuki Miya (CNS)
10:06  c07: Evaluation of fundamental performance of Charge-to-Time Converter Module (QTM) (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Kawase (CNS)
10:07  c08: New Intergroup Collaboration for Development of GEM-TPC Active Target (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)
10:08  c09: Development and performance evaluation of a GEM-TPC for the experiment of highly excited state of nuclei with high rate and high energy unstable nuclear beam (01') (files Paper  ) Rhoji Akimoto (CNS)
10:09  c10: Simulation Study of the W+Si Tracking Calorimeter in LHC-ALICE experiment (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files text  ) Yasuto Hori (CNS)
10:10  c11: Simulation Study of the Forward Calorimeter for LHC-ALICE upgrade (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files final version  ) Taku Gunji (CNS)
10:11  c12: Performance evaluation of the Forward Calorimeter for PHENIX upgrade (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Tomoya Tsuji (CNS)
10:12  c13: Pulse structure dependence of the proton polarization rate (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Tomomi Kawahara
10:13  c14: New method of pulse shape analysis for segmented Ge detectors by using moments (01') (files Paper  ) Shintaro Go (CNS)

11:00->12:00    3: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
11:00  d01: Algebraic N$\alpha$ model (applications for $^{12}$C) (01') (files Paper  ) Toru Yoshida (CNS)

12:00->13:00    4: Other Activities
12:00  e01: Summar School 2009 (01') (files Paper pdf file  ) Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS) , Shinsuke Ota (CNS)
12:01  e02: Laboratory Exercise for Undergraduate Students (01') (files Paper pdf file;   files document  ) Shinsuke Ota (CNS)

13:00->14:00    5: Appendices

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