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from 06 April 2016 to 06 December 2016
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We would like to publish CNS Annual Report 2015 and we encourage you to have a contribution to CNS Annual report 2015. Please read the following guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, please send an email to us Schedule
  1. 8th, July Deadline for the registration
  2. 22th, July Deadline for the submission of the manuscript
  3. 12th, August Deadline for the review by referees
  4. 26th, August Deadline for the submission of the final manuscript.
  5. 9th, September Finish final edition
  6. 30th, September Publish


Please register at the webpage linked from Submit a new abstract .

Deadline of the registration
8th, July, 2016
Way to register
From the webpage at Submit a new abstract

Writing manuscript and submission

Deadline for the submission
22th, July, 2016
Style file
Sample file
content On the research performed from Apr, 2015 to Mar, 2016
Language English
Pages 2 Pages
Format LaTeX. Style file cnsrep2c.sty
Submission Via the website. The first manuscript is requested to submit in PDF format. The final manuscript and the figures should be included into tar.gz.

Submission of final draft

Please submit the final draft via webpage.

  1. Access the webpage above.
  2. Login
  3. Click your contribution
  4. Click the note icon to upload files
  5. Upload the archive file (tar.gz) including the manuscript (tex) and figures (eps recommended).

Please make sure that the format or names are ones indicated below.

Introduction on writing

  • Contribution ID will be sent to you after the registration. Please use this ID in your filename, label name, macro name and so on to avoid the mistake during the compilation. Examples are listed below.
    pdf 17_ota.pdf
    manuscript 17_ota.tex
    Figure 1 17_ota_1.eps
    Figure 2 17_ota_2.eps
    Label of Figure 1 fig:17_ota_1
    Label of Figure 2 fig:17_ota_2
    Label of Table 1 tab:17_ota_1
    Label of citation 1 bib:17_ota_1
  • Please make sure not to use the special packages as much as possible.
  • The size of each figure should be less than 0.5 MB. You can change the file size itself. This should be a help for the compilation.

Dates: from 06 April 2016 08:00 to 06 December 2016 18:00
Chairs: Gunji, Taku
Material: Paper
style file

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