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"Heavy-ion subbarrier fusion: a sensitive tool to probe nuclear structure"
by Kouichi Hagino (Department of Physics, Tohoku University)
Monday 22 February 2016
from 13:00 to 14:00
location: Wako campus CNS ( CNS seminar room )
Heavy-ion fusion reactions at energies around the Coulomb barrier
are strongly influenced by couplings of the relative motion of the
colliding nuclei to several nuclear intrinsic motions.
It has been well recognized by now that such couplings lead to
large enhancement of heavy-ion fusion cross sections relative to
predictions of a one-dimensional
potential model. In this way, the subbarrier fusion has offered an
interesting tool to probe nuclear structure, for which the
coupled-channels approach and the barrier distribution representation
of fusion cross sections have played an important role.
In this seminar, we will discuss recent theoretical developments
in heavy-ion fusion reactions. A particular emphasis will be
put on a semi-microscopic modelling of heavy-ion fusion reactions,
in which the coupled-channels method is combined with
the multi-reference covariant density functional theory for
low-lying collective excitations. We will apply this method to
the fusion of 16O+208Pb system and discuss the role of anharmonicity
of the double octupole excitations in 208Pb. We will also discuss
the barrier distribution defined with the cross sections for
quasi-elastic scattering, and its advantages over the fusion barrier
Organised by: Nobuaki Imai

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